Silent Camera Pro with Camera Timer v3.2

Click multiple pictures with a single click.

Camera Timer is a convenient and perfect tool to provide some delay before clicking a photograph. With the application, you can also take multiple pictures at once by specifying the time interval between consecutive photos.
You can provide a delay of upto 20 seconds and can take upto 10 photographs with a single click.
Pictures clicked through Camera Timer are saved in PNG format.

Features –
* Provides a time delay of upto 20 seconds
* Can click upto 10 pictures on a single click
* Set interval between successive photos
* Save images in PNG format
* Can be launched from the native camera as well
* On/Off vibration on clicking a picture
* Displays clicked pictures within the application

Camera Timer provides four utilities – Time delay to click photos, click multiple photos with one click, mark interval between successive photos and no shutter sounds.

Download HERE

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