Private Memo pad

Item Description

Private Memopad -- Access important memos with your private password.
*) Do you have important Memos that I would like to mark as a Private Password? or Are you using BlackBerry® Memo pad for saving text, and you unable to protect important memos. Then this app for you.

*) Use password protected Private Memo pad application and make all your important memos are private.

*) This application will importing all your selected BlackBerry® MemoPad memos. So no need to create any explicit Memos.

*) Private Memopad Application does not require any extra inputs.

*) Using this app you can edit, delete, restore Memos at any point of the time.

*) This application will allow you to delete, restore multiple memos at a time.

*) This app will add the ‘Add to Private Memo’ menu item in Memo pad application. Using this option you can mark selected memo as private with out open the Private Memopad app.

*) Using Private Memopad application you can share Memo using email, pin messages.

*) Using Private Memo pad App, you can restore the selected memos to your BlackBerry® at any point of time.

*) This application will not work as a background, so you can

*) 1-Click to mark Memo as a Private.

*) Ability to add new private memo.

*) Using this application you can restore Private Memo to BlackBerry® Memo.

*) Ability to create new Private Memo in the application.

*) Using Private Memo app you can edit and Delete, restore memo at any point of time.

*) Sharing memo’s via Email and PIN messages.

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