Special themes called Uber50 themes made by 50 Cent

"Uber50 has the coolest icons and unique features possible for twitter THERE'S NOTHING BETTER." ~50 Cent
50 Cent remixes the UberSocial you love with the illest theme yet: Uber50. When you download the Uber50 theme you get:
- Custom icons and colors straight from the mind of 50 Cent
- Superfast access to the G-unit Twitterlist list and media portal to make sure you're the first of your friends to get the latest G-Unit news and videos.
- Exclusive artwork as background within UberSocial

Info :
1. Itu themes bukan themes BB, tapi themes Ubersocial
2. Cara ganti themes Uber social,
a. klik lambang BB
b. Option
c. Klik beberapa kali sampai ketemu themes, dan pilih themes uber50
d. Save
e. Tampilan ubersocial berubah.