Sms Backup - Backup SMS to Email

Save Your BlackBerry Text Messages to Email

Keep a copy of all your incoming and outgoing text messages as email for free Works with any email service: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, corporate account. Just enter below an email address that you have configured on your Backberry tand SMSBackups will do the rest.

Once downloaded, start SMSBackups from the Downloads folder on your Blackberry. You only need to do this the first time to configure the email address and the labels.
SMS Backups is an app that runs in the background.
SMS Backups automatically forwards all sent and recieved text messages to the configured email address. No manual intervention needed!
SMS Backups does not backup existing text messages.

To setup SMS Backups:
Download SMS Backups on your phone by clicking on the link sent in the email, install and run
Configure the email address where SMS Backups will forward the sent and received text messages.