SecretMail v2.0

Aplikasi buat mengencrypt email agar tidak bisa dibaca oleh pihak yg tidak berkepentingan.
SecretMail is surely an modern add-on for the bb which enables want you to encrypt you e-mails.

By employing SecretMail, you can effectively effortlessly encypt an e-mail just before its sent. The recipient can decrypt the data employing SecretMail, providing he(she) is used to the proper password.
You could also use SecretMail to encrypt your archived messages, in purchase that nobody is on the way being able to look at them!

Encrypt outgoing messages ! = Mengencrypt email yg keluar
Encrypt archived e-mails ! = Mengencrypt email yg disimpan pada HH
Protect confidential information ! = Melindungi informasi penting lainnya