RIM Requiring All BlackBerry App World Version 1.1 Users To Upgrade To Version 2.1

Citizens of the BlackBerry® App World™ storefront! If you’re still using BlackBerry App World client version 1.1, this applies to you (everyone using BlackBerry App World version 2.0 and higher: check out this blog of puppies). Starting tonight, existing BlackBerry App World 1.1 users will be required to upgrade to the latest version of BlackBerry App World. This upgrade will affect only a small percentage of current BlackBerry App World users.

As of April 8, when you attempt to access the BlackBerry App World client on your BlackBerry smartphone, you will receive the following message: “You must upgrade your client in order to continue”.

You can upgrade to BlackBerry App World 2.1 using the following methods:

* Clicking “Download Now” when prompted to upgrade from the BlackBerry App World client
* Visiting the Download BlackBerry App World page to update via desktop or mobile browser

Upgraded users will find a variety of performance improvements and feature enhancements in BlackBerry App World 2.1, including:
  • BlackBerry® ID account syncing
  • Carrier billing (dependent upon user region and carrier), credit card, PayPal® payment support
  • Improved navigation with Top 25 lists and enhanced application carousel
  • App barcode scanning support
  • In-app payment support