Themes M&M with hidden dock

Themes include :

-1 User Customisable Icon in Right Corner for Weather Icon or so on
-1 Vertical Left Hidden dock with 4 User Customisable Icons
-1 Bottom Hidden dock with 6 User Customisable Icons
-New Item Icon is a 'Chocolate M&M'
-Profile Icons are skinned as 'M&M's'
-M&M's Font used in Banners
-Moved Notification Area to a Vertical Banner on Left Side of Screen and made larger
-Changed Alarm Icon to Rocking Yellow Peanut M&M
-Updated Menu Icon to match theme icons
-Changed New Item Icon in Banner to a Chocolate M&M
-Menus are Transparent
-Fonts are User Customisable


OS 4 :

OS 5 :