Phone Assistant v.1.43

Introducing a minor but useful feature for BlackBerry devices for adding contacts on the fly. Phone Assistant automatically prompts to add Contacts on the go quickly and choose your desired category (Work, Phone, Mobile) right from the Phone application as soon as the call is ended.

Phone Assistant will prompt you to add the contact only for new contacts if it does not exist in the address book - most common feature found in Windows Mobile devices for example but missing for BlackBerry devices.

Also the existing functionality in the BlackBerry devices to add phone number to the address book only adds to the default "Work" category and in case you want to change that, the only way to go about it is to copy/paste. Phone Assistant will enable you to add the contacts in a quick and efficient way immediately without having to remember to add your important contacts later.


* Fully integrated with native BlackBerry Phone and Address Book application

* Get prompted for adding new contacts and ability to choose phone number category (Work, Home, Mobile) right from the phone application

* Ability to turn on/off the prompt to add contacts from the device Options (look for "Phone Assistant Options" in the device Options screen)