Themes BBt's Metro v2.0 for 8520

Some of the improvements and additions:
**added hideable today area (caps+T shows, ESCAPE hides) -- swipe right from calendar items to show SMS/MMS, swipe left from SMS/MMS to show calendar items
**entirely recoded! removed thousands of lines of code and even redid some of the themes (namely 95xx/96xx/97xx/89xx versions). so this version is faster and more stable than ever!
**changed hide weather to caps+X
**changed menus/popups to white for Metro White
**changed font to grey for Metro Black to fix visibility issues in third party apps
What began as Zuneberry HD has transformed into Metro, a streamlined, professional, stylish and functional wallpaper-friendly theme!

Thanks goes out to Tellsells for being incredibly responsive and helpful in testing and refining this theme, to HoopzKid for also being incredibly helpful in porting this to the storm, to Aftashok for brainstorming and testing on a 9700 and StaticFX for his awesome findings into the wonders of what is possible with the right coding!

some unique features:

    * nearly everything on the homescreen is hideable, making Metro highly customizable and wallpaper friendly!
    * dock icon text is hideable via shortcut keys (see navigation preview below)
    * today area is hideable (caps+T shows, ESCAPE hides) - swipe right from calendar to show SMS, left from SMS for calendar
    * the dock FADES in/out when you show/hide respectively
    * the weather icon FADES in/out when you show/hide respectively
    * the weather icon has status text (app icon name)
    * custom flash animation on focus of homescreen icons (the box around the icon flashes and then stays visible)

Also, there are 8 shortcuts on the homescreen (use the caps key for letters):

    * N = bbm
    * M = Messages
    * $ = SMS/MMS
    * L = Profiles
    * @ = Connections
    * Spacebar = QuickLaunch
    * K = Calendar
    * O = Options

And homescreen feature shortcuts

    * J locks dock, U unlocks it
    * X hides weather, Z shows weather
    * * shows icon text, # hides icon text
    * W hides dock underlay, # or * shows it
    * T shows today area, ESCAPE hides it (swipe right from calendar for SMS, left from SMS for Calendar)

Download : Here

source : Indobb